This Bunny Ears Napkin Fold is so cute! We like this napkin fold because it is easy to create.  This napkin fold works with most napkin fabrics, and works best with a napkin at least 20" square.  It is fine if your napkin has some wrinkles or if the corners don't line up perfectly.  Your Bunny Ears will still turn out adorable!  We chose this happy 20" Blue Seersucker napkin from Split P to make our Bunny Ears. 

STEP 1 - Lay your napkin flat, wrong side up.  Have ready a 10" piece of ribbon to tie your bunny napkin together in the last step.

STEP 2- Fold the bottom half up the napkin up, lining up the edges.

STEP 3 - Fold the bottom half of the napkin up again, lining up the edges again.  You now have a long rectangle.

STEP 4 - Locate the center of the napkin.  Fold the right side of the napkin upward, aligning it with the center.

STEP 5 - Fold the left side of the napkin upward, aligning it with the center.

STEP 6 - Fold the top right corner down to the center line.  Notice how our layers of fabric are not perfectly aligned.  That's ok!

STEP 7 - Fold the top left corner down to the center line.

STEP 8 - Take the right point of the napkin and fold it to the center line.  There are a lot of folds in the napkin at this point, and the napkin may not want to stay folded or lay flat.  That's ok! Just keep your hand on it.  We're almost done....

STEP 9 - Take the left point of the napkin and fold it to the center line.  Do you see the bunny ears taking shape?!

STEP 10 - Carefully flip the napkin over.

STEP 11 - Fold up the bottom point of the napkin to make a straight edge on the bottom.

STEP 12 - Flip the napkin back over. 

STEP 13 - Fold the two sides to the center and tie the base of the napkin with the ribbon.  The backside of the napkin will have a little point, like a bunny tail! Arrange the ears to your liking.  Adjust the length of the ribbon.  You did it!  Now set it on the table and watch how delighted your guests are!

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