Setting the table to reflect the season....
Spring brings light, fresh colors and beautiful flowers to the table.
Here are some tips and tricks to make your spring table delight everyone who dines with you!

- Select one or two light colors to add a burst of spring to your table

- Neutrals are the friends of all dinnerware.
They will frame your plate and set the stage for your color burst to be noticed.

- You can use napkins as placemats! We have done this in several of our place settings.

- Sometimes setting a table for spring is as easy as adding some fresh blooms from your garden.

Pewter is a wonderful accent any time of year -- even Spring! It is a neutral that draws attention to the colors around it. Here we used the "Pewter Stoneware" dinner plate by Juliska to set off a rose salad plate and a scalloped white bowl, both by Mateus. The rose plate and pink napkin become the color stand-outs in this place setting. Visualize other colors you could use instead of pink.

The lovely "Amorini" pottery by Arte Italica looks good with so many linens and accessories. We matched the green leaves perfectly for a placemat, and used a pink napkin and a deeper pink flower bowl by Mariposa to add vibrancy to the look. To see how much the pink adds, place your fingers over the napkin and flower bowl. Did you notice the "placemat" is diamond-shaped? That's because it's a napkin! Build your collection of colorful napkins -- they can also double as placemats.

White dinnerware is so versatile! The trick is to really show it off. We selected a neutral beige placemat to make the white dinnerware stand out; this white dinnerware would fade into a white placemat. Then add some lovely spring colors. We chose a coral napkin and yellow flowers. A plain, simple, and very eye-catching spring table setting.

Creamy "Acanthus" dinnerware by Juliska, blended with a beige napkin and light olive green placemat, create the ultimate neutral setting that is actually perfect any time of year. We added lilacs for a burst of spring color. Place your fingers over the lilacs, and visualize this setting with autumn leaves, or burgundy flowers for Christmas.

If you have plain dinnerware, add some pewter or silver accents, as we discussed above, and pick a spring color to set it off. Here we chose a soft turquoise for our color pop. Don't forget the greenery! Spring is distinguished from Winter by the return of foliage to nature. Be sure to bring that to your table.

Formal dinnerware is always lovely on white linens. To make it look more interesting for spring, add a burst of color. Here we added the color burst with flowers. The white napkin and placemat fade to the background as the dinnerware takes center stage and the flowers make the table come alive.

The lovely "Ch'ing Garden" dinnerware by Mottahedeh has a soft butter yellow background. We placed it on a neutral beige placemat, and added a slightly brighter but still soft yellow napkin. By not using white linens, the white flowers are more noticeable and seem softer. Place your fingers over the yellow napkin to see the impact it has.

The "Nirvana" dinnerware by Jacqueline Cambata is so pretty and colorful. The plate has a border that is distinctly yellow, so we put it on a white placemat. Then we chose two colors from the flowers on the plate for the turquoise napkin and lilacs. At a quick glance you see yellow, turquoise and lilac -- a spring garden right on your table.

Gray is a color that is quite underused in decorating. It is a wonderful neutral that has the ability to play up the colors around it. Think about an overcast or rainy day. The world seems gray, except for beautiful flowers and leaves which always appear more brilliant in color against the gray skies. Bring this secret of nature to your table. Here we used a medium gray placemat and a light gray napkin to really show off our light blue dinnerware. The butterfly napkin ring is a beautiful and whimsical touch.

The "Verdures" pattern by Raynaud is a beautiful breath of spring all by itself, but we wanted to really frame it and bring the whole table to life. By choosing a dark green placemat, we picked up on the dark green leaves in the plate, and dramatically set off the white plate. We picked up the light green leaves with the napkin, and then added medium pink flowers for a burst of spring color. Notice the placemat -- again, this is a napkin which we have folded in half lengthwise. This creates a more narrow swath of color for accent; just a little, but not too much. It also allowed us to add some rattan coasters, which contribute to a more natural, spring look.

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