Setting the table to reflect the season....
Autumn table settings are filled with warmth and coziness.
Here are some tips and tricks for bringing this beautiful season to your table.

This beautiful Julia Knight Maple Leaf Bowl immediately sets the tone for this wonderful autumn setting. But the not-so-obvious secret to this place setting is the brown placemat. Browns, beiges and taupes are great neutral linen colors for autumn entertaining. Also of note is the amber stemware, which adds a warm, golden glow.

The heathered colors in this dinnerware make it ideal for autumn. The neutral table linens allow the dinner plate to remain the focal point of this place setting. And once again, the warm glow of the amber stemware completes the autumn look.

The classic and popular "Woodland" pattern by Spode sets an especially beautiful table in the autumn. This dinnerware can handle a variety of placemat colors, but this basic ivory draws your attention to the beautiful detailing on the border of the plate. The dark brown napkin helps emphasize the brown in the dinnerware.

Autumn can be many things, and here it is simple. Basic dinnerware in a rich gold color is all that is needed to convey the beauty of the season. Note how a black napkin ring was selected for the ivory linens. If you are thinking it doesn't add much to the place setting, try this: hold your finger over the black napkin ring and look at the effect of the place setting with just the ivory linens. You can see that a little touch of black, just like in decorating, can go a long way.

This wonderful dinnerware from Emerson Creek Pottery -- made right here in Virginia -- is perfect for a rustic, inviting, cozy meal on an autumn day. But the real story here is the reminder that what you serve is just as important as how you serve it. In the autumn, choose deep colored fruits and vegetables to complete the theme started by your place setting.

This new dinnerware by Julie Wear Designs is light in color, yet we have made this place setting convey autumn. Yes, it helps that it has a lovely pheasant in the center of the plate, but hold your finger over the pheasant and you will see this place setting still works. If white or light dinnerware is what you have, just add a rattan charger and napkin ring, some warming amber stemware, and some autumn decorative accents, like this lovely pheasant figurine.

Here is another example of working with lighter color dinnerware for autumn. A white dinner plate is framed by a rattan charger. The light green placemat and glass bowl and salad plate can easily be used for spring and summer. But add a dark brown napkin and those wonderful amber stems.... and your spring/summer green is ready for autumn. (We hope you have noticed how incredibly versatile amber glassware is. Always a good idea to have amber glassware on hand.)

The power of taupe! Take away the light taupe placemat and the medium taupe napkin and replace them with white linens, and these dishes are all set for summer. But these taupes bring your colorful dinnerware into fall mode.
In conclusion.... brown, beige, taupe, and rattan table accessories, along with amber glassware, can go a long way toward transitioning your dinnerware to autumn.

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