The Entertaining Tales® are our original series of whimsical stories about felines who like to entertain.  The main characters include Grandmother Tabby, and her granddaughters Prissy and and Peaches.  These three cats always have fun!  Some stories feature one of the main characters, in other stories they all appear.
Grandmother Tabby lives in a small village outside New Oak City.  Her husband, Tobias Whiskers, is the village mayor, and Tabby is the leading society lady of the town.  She enjoys entertaining and is able to do so appealing to both the people from the country and the people from the city.  She has two granddaughters who are cousins -- Prissy and Peaches.  She taught them all the social etiquette they need to know, and how to be kind and helpful to people.  They adored their grandmother and often helped her with her many social occasions. 
When the granddaughters grew up, they each married.  Prissy married a museum director, Thomas VanMeow, and went to live in New Oak City.  She loved the arts and loved to promote the,.  Because of her great organizational skills, she was much in demand to head up charitable events.  Peaches married Rufus McPurr, the owner of a large organic farm and orchard in the country.  They grew fruits and vegetables and had a business making jams, applesauce, and other tasty treats which they sold in speciality stores all over the region.  Both girls, because they were so well taught by Grandmother Tabby, excelled as hostesses.  An invitation to one of their parties was much sought after.

The Autumn Tale:  A Prissy Story

Polly Poodle, a good friend of Prissy's, was at her summer home getting ready to close it up when she had a brilliant idea.  She would give an impromptu autumn party.  Of course, Polly was know for forging ahead without thinking things through.  But the weather had been so beautiful this autumn and was predicted to be warm for at least another week. It was Friday and if she hurried she could get invitations in the mail today and everyone should receive them in a day or so.
The autumn had been beautiful so far.  The trees were brilliant in color and the mums were in full bloom. Polly decided she could run down to the farmers' market and purchase pumpkins to decorate the yard.  She was remembering the autumn family farm parties her grandmother use to have in the country in their barn, so she decided to do the same thing. However, instead of a barn they would have the farm party outdoors. She was shaking with excitement and anticipation.
Polly drove into the nearby little village and bought pumpkins and mums at the Farmers' Market, which they promised to deliver to her later in the day.  At the village general store she purchased some very cute cards with pumpkins on them so she could get her invitations in the mail.
Polly hurried home to get the invitations written and addressed and in the mail before the post office closed for the day.  She was excited to be hand writing the invitations as she had not done that in quite a while.  It was becoming popular with her group of friends to hand write invitations when there were 20 or fewer to send because it made the invitation seem more personal.

You are invited to an 

Autumn Party

at the summer home of 

Polly and Pierre Poodle

Saturday, October 14

4 p.m.

Country Attire 

After Polly delivered the invitations to the post office she realized that she hadn't put her address on them, but she figured that the return address on the envelope should let the guests know where to come for the party.  She had not asked for an RSVP as the time was so short. She also realized that she had not put an ending time for the party, but decided the guests would leave when the evening started getting cool.
She spent the evening deciding what to serve.  She thought she would make barbecued carrots and corn on the cob on the grill, and serve it with hot mulled cider and cold apple cider.  She would go back to the Farmers' market and order apple tarts and pumpkin tarts from a local baker.  
A trip into the village would give her a chance to buy autumn-themed paper plates and napkins.  Now all she had to do was get everything decorated and ready. Oh, yes -- she needed to call her husband, Pierre and let him know there would be a party the next weekend. He was none too pleased at the short notice, but assured her that he would be at their summer house late Friday evening.
It was Monday, and the invitations were starting to arrive.  Prissy received hers and gave a groan.  She knew how Polly's parties always turned out as Polly never thought of everything she needed to.  Prissy called Polly to tell her that she and Thomas would be delighted to attend.  She also told Polly that she wished she could help her but she was busy in the city for the entire week and wouldn't be able to drive up to Polly's summer house until Saturday.  She did offer to arrive early if Polly needed any help then.  Polly assured her that everything was under control.
The day before the party there was a rather heavy rain, but Saturday dawned with a bright sun in the sky and Polly was sure that it would dry the ground.  She began to set up her food tables on the patio and yard, despite the mud that still remained.
The yard was an autumn sight to behold. Replete with pumpkins and mums, it truly spoke of the autumn season.  As the guests began to arrive they were all commenting to each other what a beautiful sight the house and yard were.
Polly greeted everyone at the door in her country attire of blue jeans and plaid shirt.  But to her surprise, many of the guests came dressed for a cocktail party.  Prissy quickly explained to her that when she said "Country Attire" on the invitations that many of Polly's city friends evidently thought she meant "Country Club Attire."  Prissy advised Polly to just ignore it. Some guests were dressed in casual clothes with beautiful sweaters and some in cocktail attire, so there was a wide range of clothing and it would only bring attention to it to point it out. Nevertheless, Polly was feeling rather drab in her blue jeans and plaid shirt.
As everyone gathered outside, Polly realized that many of her guests didn't really relish an outdoor farm party.  Prissy sensed Polly's discomfort, and stepped in and went around to everyone talking about how beautiful the yard looked, how much work Polly put into it, and how wonderful it was to breath in the fresh country air and enjoy the last the warm days of the season.  
Antoinette Angora, one of Polly's guests, had shampooed her beautiful fluffy fur just for the occasion.  She was determined that she was not going to step off the patio and risk getting mud on herself.  She had noticed that some of the ladies wearing high heels had ventured out to the food tables on the lawn and their heels had sunk into the muddy yard.
Prissy's guests were at first reluctant when they realized that they were to eat the barbecues carrots and corn on the cob with their fingers -- there was no flatware to be seen.  It seemed that everyone was getting splatters of barbecue sauce and butter on their clothes.  But the food was so very delicious that they soon even the fussiest guest forgot about the splatters went back for seconds.  
Antoinette decided that she simply had to have some apple tarts with delicious whipped cream on them, but they were on a table on the lawn and she was debating if she could get there without getting her beautiful fluffy fur muddy.   She decided to take a chance and thought she could quickly make her way over to the table.  She fixed herself a plate of apple and pumpkin tarts, with an extremely generous helping of whipped cream (cream was her favorite thing in the whole world).  As she was coming back to the patio she tripped on a stone and went splat on the ground.  Mud flew everywhere, and her fur was covered in it.  But Antoinette called out with delight that she saved her tarts with the whipped cream on them.
Just then the sky clouded over and then was a downpour of rain.  Polly was just standing there with a look of horror on her face.  All her friends were getting soaked with rain.  Pierre, Prissy and Thomas had the presence of mind to start shouting for everyone to grab some plates of food and head into the house.
As Antoinette ran into the house she was shouting that she had saved the whipped cream.
Everyone was drenched, and as they all looked at each other they all started laughing as they were quite the sorry sight to behold.  Pierre quickly built a fire in the fireplace and they all took more helpings of the delicious food, and sat around the fire and started telling stories of disasters they had when entertaining.  Polly kept refilling their cider glasses.
Finally, after everyone had shared their stories to much laughter, enjoyed the cider and finished almost all of the food, the party started to wind down. The guests all told Polly and Pierre that they had the most fun they had had in a long time and that the food was absolutely fabulous.
Prissy couldn't believe how Polly's disasters always seems to turn into everyone having a good time, but she was glad for her good friend that everything turned out so well.