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The Holidays Are Approaching....
We all have those years when holidays sort of sneak up on you.... then you spend all of your time racing to catch up instead of enjoying the season and all it has to offer. This is the year to take control by "reverse engineering" your decorating. Take a look at your calendar. When do you want your tree and decorations completely done? Right before Thanksgiving? Right after Thanksgiving? Mid December? Christmas Eve? Whatever day you pick, mark it on your calendar. Now, work your way backwards. How much time do you need to decorate a tree and your house? One day? A weekend? A week? Schedule the time to do these things, then mark these holiday prep times on your calendar. Take into consideration what else you already have planned or might have coming up. Is your life really busy this year? Then be realistic.... a simple tree and soft Christmas music can create the peaceful holiday feeling you need. Is this your year to go all out? Do you need to schedule a day for a crane to put a sleigh on your roof? Then plan it all out now! Time and calendar management is the key to having the holiday that you want and can realistically accomplish.

The Gift Giving Notebook

Weddings, graduations, babies, is filled with lots of gift giving occasions. The more gifts you give, however, the harder it is to remember what you have given. We all want to keep gifts even or similar among siblings, friends etc. The solution: a gift giving notebook. Simply take a three-ring notebook, some looseleaf paper, and start pages for wedding gifts, baby gifts, graduation gifts, etc. Also start a page for each family member.

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